Blue Wave Micro Memory 

Blue Wave Micro system-specific memory offers guaranteed compatibility within every supported system. Each module is designed, tested, and manufactured under the most stringent quality standards. Using only tier 1 components and printed circuit boards (PCBs) provides the additional assurance required for mission-critical applications and integration projects. Blue Wave Micro delivers when end user procurement policy mandates additional qualification testing and consistent quality process controls.


Blue Wave Micro Memory… for a Better Solution

 Made from Tier 1 highest quality components

 All DRAM are sourced from qualified and approved vendors

 Each module design undergoes a stringent qualification process

 100-percent tested

 Guaranteed compatible with each system and application for which it’s designed

 Blue Wave Micro memory will not void manufacturer’s warranty

 System-level testing and elevated stress testing to provide deliver long term reliability

 100-percent product testing for each module shipped

 Backed by lifetime product replacement warranty

 Toll-free and unlimited technical support