The Benefits of Avaya Transceivers

Avaya transceivers are highly sought after in the industry. They are known for their ability to integrate with existing technology and their scalability. Many companies turn first to Blue Wave Micro to get their transceiver needs met because of the high quality of Avaya compatible transceivers. These transceivers are known for lowering the acquisition costs of companies who have a need to invest millions to make their products work.

These particular transceivers are robust and are made to operate in some of the most demanding environments. If you want to protect your investment, you should ensure that you are purchasing high quality devices that will meet or exceed expectations. Blue Wave Micro offers numerous devices that fall into this category. Companies do not invest millions to watch their investments fail. They want to succeed. That’s why they provide scalable flexibility to ensure that your network can expand as your company grows. This helps to keep your funds liquid to reinvest in your products or services.

If you’re in the market for Avaya compatible transceivers to be used in conjunction with networking switches and storage platforms, consider Blue Wave Micro as your source. They provide devices ready for use in data centers, small business segments, and campus. Most of the devices are 100 percent compatible with existing technology and have the following features and benefits:



Part #Description
M8001-1000SX-BW1000BASE-SX GBIC Transceiver (Avaya Compatible)
M8001-1000LX-BW1000BASE-LX GBIC Transceiver (Avaya Compatible)
M8001-1000ELX-BW1000BASE-ZX GBIC Transceiver (Avaya Compatible)
700013147-BW1000BASE-ZX GBIC Transceiver (Avaya Compatible)
700013139-BW1000BASE-LX GBIC Transceiver (Avaya Compatible)
700013121-BW1000BASE-SX GBIC Transceiver (Avaya Compatible)
108873258-BW1000BASE-LX SFP Transceiver (Avaya Compatible)
108873241-BW 1000BASE-SX SFP Transceiver (Avaya Compatible)
108659228-BW1000BASE-SX GBIC Transceiver (Avaya Compatible)
108659210-BW1000BASE-LX GBIC Transceiver (Avaya Compatible)