The Benefits and Features of D-Link Transceivers

Blue Wave Micro is a great OEM alternative that will provide companies with the latest and greatest in transceiver design. D-Link transceivers and networking switches are designed to increase reliability of any design. Firms that have a desire to build trust and improve brand image will enjoy the use of D-Link transceivers. If you want to protect your IT investment and meet your strategic objectives, D-Link compatible transceivers are the solution of choice.

Blue Wave Micro transceivers are affordable and can lower your acquisition costs. They are flexible and scalable, which means that you can add devices as they are needed. This method takes some of the guesswork and planning out of design because you can buy transceivers as they are needed rather than predicting what will be necessary for the future.

Most transceivers are exposed to the elements and are placed in demanding environments. If a device fails, it’s easy to replace. While the device is still powered up, you can replace the failed transceiver with a new transceiver, and it should still be compatible with existing devices. In fact, most of the D-Link transceivers are 100 percent guaranteed compatible. Here are some of the other benefits and features you can expect if you purchase D-Link transceivers.



Part #Description
DGS-712-BW1000Base T, 100 meters, Copper transceiver. 100% D-Link compatible
DEM-422XT-BW10GBase Ethernet and OC-192/STM-64/10G SONET LR, 10 Km, 1310 nm XFP transceiver. 100% D-Link compatible
DEM-421XT-BW10GBase Ethernet/Fiber Channel SR, 300 meters, 850 nm XFP transceiver. 100% D-Link compatible
DEM-311GT-BW1000Base SX, 550 meters, 850 nm SFP transceiver. 100% D-Link compatible
DEM-310GT-BW1000Base LX, 10 Km, 1310 nm SFP transceiver. 100% D-Link compatible
DEM-211-BW100Base FX, 2 Km, 1310 nm SFP transceiver. 100% D-Link compatible