The Benefits and Features of JDSU Technology

JDSU transceiver technology is some of the best in the industry. Companies often use their transceiver technology in storage platforms or in networking switches. They are discreetly designed into data center technology, campus networks, and small business segments and are flexible in their design. JDSU transceivers are highly coveted by enterprises that invest millions of dollars into their networks annually because they are reliable and robust. If your organization needs to design storage, server technology, or an Adtran network, JDSU transceiver technology is recommended.

Why? They are designed to protect your investment, and they have a high reliability rating. When the devices are reliable, your devices are less likely to fail prematurely, and you’re more likely to have a loyal customer following. Without it, you may have frustrated customers when the devices fail.

Blue Wave Micro allows you to compare these devices with their competitors to ensure that they are the devices for your application or designs. This provides the reassurance you need to make the proper decision about your transceiver technology.

Because JDSU transceivers are 100 percent compatible with current or previous technology, there is no need to worry about re-designing your entire application to repair, replace, or upgrade a transceiver. To repair or replace it, you don’t even need to power down the device because it is hot-swappable. These are just a few benefits of JDSU transceivers. Here are some other benefits and features of JDSU transceivers.