The Features and Benefits of Meraki Transceivers

Meraki transceivers are often found in some of the most impressive data centers, college campuses, and small business segments. Blue Wave Micro transceivers are designed to align network capacity to IT demand. When companies decide to invest millions of dollars into designing and implementing storage and server technology, Meraki transceivers are one of the first devices they consider. They help organizations meet their objectives and lower their acquisition costs. They are some of the best transceivers on the market.

Blue Wave Micro transceivers will help you protect your IT investment and your brand image. Customers do not buy from companies with devices that have high failure rates. Instead, they want reliable products that have low fail rates and are flexible and scalable. This is achievable with Meraki transceivers because they are reliable, scalable, and flexible. Companies have proven time and time again that performance improves with Meraki transceivers.

The best part is that they are affordable. The savings can, then, be reinvested back into other aspects of the design. This will improve the performance of the product and the appeal to the public.

If to learn more about Meraki transceiver devices, you can contact Blue Wave Micro. It’s one of the best ways to lower your acquisition costs, while ensuring that you’ll still have a quality product that will withstand the rigors of a demanding environment. These devices, not only, are 100 percent guaranteed compatible, but they also offer the following features and benefits:



Part #Description
SFP-1GB-SX-BW1000Base SX, 550 meters, 850 nm SFP transceiver. 100% Meraki compatible
SFP-10GB-SR-BW10GBase SR, 300 meters, 850 nm SFP+ transceiver. 100% Meraki compatible