The Benefits and Features of Overture Compatible Transceivers

Overture compatible transceivers are some of the best OEM alternatives in the industry. They are often used in some of the most data intensive applications including campuses, data centers, and small business segments. Blue Wave Micro transceivers will meet IT demand by protecting your IT investment. When you protect your investment and your device is reliable, you’re more likely to retain your customers.

The compatible transceivers are known for the ability to integrate well with existing designs. That’s why companies investing millions of dollars are willing to invest. Blue Wave Micro Fiber Channel and Ethernet transceivers can provide scalable flexibility and change as your networking requirements change. Whether you are upgrading your existing infrastructure or integrating a device to meet new demands, Blue Wave Micro is flexible enough to meet your increasing demands. These transceivers are 100-percent guaranteed compatible.

They are hot-swappable and have the ability to be integrated without powering down the device. This is one of the most convenient ways to integrate a device into an existing design. This will improve device compatibility and improve the reliability of the designs. If you want to learn more about the features and benefits of Overture, here are some of the most important benefits.

Overture Compatible Transceivers Features:

Benefits of Overture Compatible Transceivers:

Part #Description
3000-041-BW1000Base SX, 550 meters, 850 nm SFP transceiver. 100% Overture compatible
3000-042-BW1000Base LX, 10 Km, 1310 nm SFP transceiver. 100% Overture compatible
3000-053-BW1000Base LX, 15 Km, 1310 nm SFP transceiver. 100% Overture compatible
3000-055-BW155MBase OC-3c/STM-1 IR, 15 Km, 1310 nm SFP transceiver. 100% Overture compatible
5410-027-BW1000Base ZX, 70 Km, 1550 nm SFP transceiver. 100% Overture compatible