Benefits and Features of TrendNet Compatible Transceivers

TrendNet compatible transceivers are OEM alternatives featured by Blue Wave Micro. Most of the product line has the ability to meet IT demand by aligning network capacity. TrendNet copatible transceivers offer solutions that will meet the needs of all types of enterprises willing to invest millions of dollars into designing and implementing transceivers into server technology, storage technology, and networks.

The best part about compatible TrendNet networking switches is that they will help you protect your IT investment while you’re lowering acquisition cost. They are designed for the most demanding operating environments because of the quality materials that are used to design these transceivers.

If you’re upgrading your network, you can meet the demand of your organization because the devices are scalable, which allows you to purchase only what you need for today. The transceivers are 100-percent guaranteed compatible. You’ll be in good hands if you decide to purchase our fiber channel transceivers.

Consider trying the new TrendNet compatible transceivers as your OEM alternative. Although, they are not as well-known as some of the other devices, they have the ability to perform well in many other systems. Here are some of the features and benefits of compatible TrendNet networking switches and transceivers.

TrendNet Compatible Transceivers Features:

Benefits of TrendNet Compatible Transceivers:

Part #Description
TEG-MGBS10-BW1000Base LX, 10 Km, 1310 nm SFP transceiver. 100% TRENDnet compatible
TEG-MGBS10D35-BW1000Base BX-U, 10 Km, TX: 1310 nm, RX: 1490 nm SFP transceiver. 100% TRENDnet compatible
TEG-MGBS40-BW1000Base EX, 40 Km, 1310 nm SFP transceiver. 100% TRENDnet compatible
TEG-MGBS80-BW1000Base ZX, 80 Km, 1550 nm SFP transceiver. 100% TRENDnet compatible
TEG-MGBSX-BW1000Base SX, 550 meters, 850 nm SFP transceiver. 100% TRENDnet compatible